About Us

Established in 2008, All Terrain Seeding provides land & property owners with landscape, conservation and habitat services in Southern Iowa and Northern Missouri. Our working knowledge provides each and every customer with the best product, the best piece of machinery, and most importantly— project perfection.

Seeding, Mulching and Land Management Services

All Terrain Seeding is equipped with the best equipment in the industry. From seeders to mulchers and tractors to hand tools, ATS will give you the best. Whether you have a new acreage in need of management practices, new home construction, or a new commercial development— ATS has the equipment and the working knowledge on how the project must be completed.

Wildlife & Habitat Management

We provide land & property owners with a wide variety of management services to enhance their recreational property.

– Wildlife Game Plots
– Bird Habitat Plantings & Management
– Shelterbelt Plantings (Trees, Shrubs, Grasses)
– Native Warm Season Grass Plantings
– Woodland Habitat Restoration
– Controlled Burns
– Habitat Ponds

Native Landscapes

Whether its new construction or a renovation project, All Terrain Seeding can provide you with a fresh and appealing native landscape design. From native tree, shrub, and grass plantings, to stone outcropping, to native hardwood mulch or rock, All Terrain Seeding has the materials and equipment to master the job.

Land Improvement Systems

All Terrain Seeding is your local provider for Filtrexx products. Filtrexx Soxx is a bio-based technology used in stormwater & land improvement systems. We can provide land & property owners with production, installation, and maintenance on how to get the most out of the Filtrexx product.